Meet TRIO Web

New Technology
  • Browser based technology
  • New web based architecture will introduce rapid integration options with 3rd party products
  • Positioning TRIO for long term viability
Cloud Based
  • We can now offer our clients a choice: Choose between going cloud based or continue with a traditional premise based model
  • Broad accessibility for internet-enabled devices
  • Easier installation & maintenance
  • Save $$ on hardware costs
Ease of use
  • Multiple windows allow for multiple TRIO applications running simultaneously
  • Presentation of data is clearer
  • Better search results screens
  • Customizable “home” screen will allow favorite applications, reports and processes to be pinned.
Modern User interface
  • Clean, simple modern interface
  • Readability improvements, changes in font, easier to view
  • Greater screen resolution, providing more screen real estate. Less cluttered screens!


  • Better consistency between screens
  • Standardized tool bars with standard options for a more consistent flow
  • Migrating from radio buttons to dropdown menus


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Where we are

Concept Presented

Q4 2016

Initial presentation of Modernization Project presented to TRIO customers for feedback.

Customer Validation

Q1 2017

Obtained customer feedback on the technology, timeline, funding and path for the project.


Q2 2017

Kicked off a Pilot on the Collections module as the first Development phase for this Project.  Formalizing of a TRIO customer Focus Group to establish a regular feedback loop with our customer base.

Pilot Wraps Up

Q3 2017

Checkpoint and validation of the Pilot with our Focus Group.  Full Development begins on the new version.

Development Work

Q1 2018

Development work continuing on.  QA will begin on completed portions of the product.

SQL Conversions


Conversions from TRIO Access to TRIO SQL.

Development Wrapping Up

Q3 2018

Development wrapping up, entering into extensive Quality Assurance period.

SQL Conversions


Conversions from TRIO Access to TRIO SQL.

QA & Controlled Availability

Q1 & Q2 2020

Wrap up of QA and roll-outs to our Focus Group.

General Availability

Q3 2020

We expect TRIO Web to be available for our TRIO customers in Q3 2020!

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What people are saying

I’m looking forward to the benefits and improvements that TRIO’s new web based interface is going to introduce, these will be very positive strides for the TRIO software.

Tom Bourret, Town of Rumford

I am thrilled to be a part of the project that will produce the next era of the TRIO software suite. I am so excited that we will not only be able to continue to provide the functionality that works so well for our customers now but to also have the technological capabilities to evolve the product to keep up with our customers’ future needs as well.

Melissa Lamprecht, VP of Development, Harris

Can’t wait to have 2 windows open at the same time…woohoo!!!

Sue Borelli, South Portland

I am very happy to be able to be part of this new stage in TRIO’s continuing evolution. I am particularly excited about the prospect of being able to use TRIO from anywhere on any device as well as being able to take advantage of the technology leap to accelerate the implementation and delivery of new software features.

Ben Clairmont TRIO Technical & Product Consultant

TRIO Software has been around for many years. It is nice to know that it will be around for many more! I am looking forward to the fresh look and the possibilities that come from going to the cloud!

Brenda Kelly TRIO Domain Expert

Our services

Installation & Implementation

Our Application Consultants will install the TRIO Web software on your system and make sure that all components are functioning for your use. Training is also given at this time to ensure basic understanding of program functionality. When new computers are purchased, we can also schedule a return visit for installation and configuration. Please contact our office for more information.

Testing & Training

The majority of testing will be conducted on customer data after the SQL Conversion. Some minor testing on the application itself will be required as follow up to the TRIO Web upgrade. Both on-site and remote training will be offered on TRIO Web. This training can be provided for one person or a small group.


For those clients who have not yet completed a Conversion from Access to SQL Server, this Conversion will be a requirement in order to upgrade to TRIO Web. This SQL Conversion can be performed at any time in advance of the upgrade. Please contact us for more information and to schedule your SQL Conversion.

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Global Access

Access TRIO Web anywhere, anytime

Go Mobile

Broad accessibility for internet enabled devices

Fully Hosted

Platform neutral – Windows, iOS, Chrome, Linux, etc.


Local installation, client / server environment

Hardware Requirements

TRIO Web will provide clients with 2 options for deployment:

  • A complete cloud-based solution
  • A traditional premise-based installation
The cloud-based solution will require a strong internet connection as all access to the application will be over the web. For those interested in a local premise-based solution, we anticipate the hardware requirements for TRIO Web to be as follows.

Local/Premise Based

Web & Data Server Requirements
RAM: 8GB Minimum | 16GB Recommended
CPU: 1ghz Minimum | 2ghz Recommended
Disk: 100GB Minimum | 1TB Recommended
OS: Windows 10 Minimum | 2016 Recommended
Hard Drive: 7200 RPM SATA Drive Minimum | SSD Recommended

Hosted/Cloud Based

Client Requirements
RAM: 512MB Minimum | 4GB Recommended
CPU: 1ghz Minimum | 2ghz Recommended
Any OS


About us

Since our doors opened in 1976, Harris has focused on developing municipal and financial management software solutions solely for the public sector. Our experience and expertise have enabled us to continually create products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations and meet their changing technology needs. Along with our diverse product portfolio, our customers receive quality solutions from a company that is financially stable and debt free. It’s this wealth of knowledge and understanding coupled with our financial stability that makes Harris a company you can trust with your business needs.  Our TRIO software began in 1988 and has been built on outstanding customer service and municipal software.  Our TRIO staff work in our Bangor, Maine office.

TRIO Web Team

Project Focus Group

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