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Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about TRIO Web.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefits can my organization expect from TRIO Web?

TRIO Web will offer a number of technology and mobility benefits including:

  • Long-term viability due to the use of C# .NET and HTML5 technologies. The current version of TRIO utilizes a technology no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • The introduction of a customizable “home” screen that will allow favorite applications, reports and processes to be pinned for quick access to your most frequently used items.
  • The ability to have multiple TRIO applications open simultaneously, including multiple instances of the same applications, eliminating the need to back out of one application, screen or process to view information in another area.
  • A cleaner more modern user interface designed to make the system easier to use and navigate.

As part of this interface we will be:

    • Migrating from radio buttons to dropdown menus to declutter screens.
    • Introducing tool bars with standardized options for a more consistent flow and feel.
    • Migrating to a greater native screen resolution to take advantage of larger monitors and provide more screen real estate. Less cluttered screens!
    • Redesigning the search and search results screens to make finding accounts more efficient.
  • The possibility to access your TRIO system anywhere there is an internet connection on any internet enabled device.
  • The opportunity for a fully hosted solution for those customers who may be interested
  • Platform neutrality. TRIO Web can be run on computers running any major operating system; Windows, iOS, Chrome, Linux, etc.

2. Will there be a big learning curve with this new version?

In order to minimize the learning curve, we are designing TRIO Web so that it feels natural for our current TRIO customers. The underlying workflow of the processes will not change, users will go through the same steps and functions in the software that they do today and while all of the screens will be redesigned, the same information that users are accustomed to seeing will still be displayed.

3. When will TRIO Web be available for release?

Based on the current project schedule, we expect TRIO Web to be available to our customers in early 2020.

4. Are there any costs associated with this new version?

There will be three costs associated with TRIO Web. The first cost will be to fund the project and will take the form of a one-time maintenance increase. This cost will be included in your 2018 maintenance agreement renewal. We are estimating your annual maintenance invoice in 2018 will increase by approximately 20%. Notifications of this increase will be provided well in advance for budgeting purposes.

The second cost will be to cover the conversion of the TRIO database to the new SQL format. This cost is dependent on the number of modules being used by your organization, the range is typically $1500 to $3000.

The third cost will be for installation, testing and training services and will be applicable at the time of your upgrade to TRIO Web. These costs are estimated to be at $2400 and are directly tied to the implementation of the upgrade.

5. Are there any prerequisites required for this new version?

There are no prerequisites needed prior to upgrading to TRIO Web, however, we strongly encourage customers to migrate to the current SQL version of TRIO prior to upgrading to TRIO Web.

Migrating to the current SQL version of TRIO will streamline the TRIO Web upgrade process and give users access to all the latest features and enhancements TRIO has to offer. To schedule this migration, please contact our support department at 888.942.6222.

6. What will the upgrade process be for this new version?

If you have already migrated to the SQL version of TRIO, the upgrade to TRIO Web will consist of installing and configuring the components associated with the new version as well as training staff on its use. Installation of these components will be done remotely, and clients will have the option of having training performed on-site or remotely.

For those customers who have not yet migrated to the SQL version, this can be done at any time in advance of the upgrade. To schedule this migration, please contact us at 888.942.6222.

7. How long will the upgrade process take?

We are currently estimating that there will be 2 days of services associated with the upgrade to TRIO Web. If the conversion to SQL has not yet been completed, there will be additional time required to complete this process over and above the 2 days. Upgrades will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

8. Who will provide support on this new version?

The same TRIO staff who support you today, will continue to support you on TRIO Web. Our Support group has been actively involved in our TRIO Web project since its initial inception.

9. Will there be any changes to the support infrastructure to better support this new version?

Yes, Harris will be adding additional support staff members to the TRIO support team as the project progresses.

10. Will it be mandatory to upgrade to this new version?

Eventually, yes, it will be mandatory to upgrade to TRIO Web. However, Harris will continue supporting the current versions of TRIO for as long as there are customers using them. The 2018 maintenance increase will be applicable regardless of what version you may be running at that time.

11. Do I need to upgrade to the new version right away?

Although we always encourage customers to upgrade to the latest version of our software to take advantage of new features and new technology, customers do not need to upgrade to the new version right away. On the cost side, the maintenance increase will be introduced in 2018, however the costs for the SQL migration will be applicable at the time of the migration, whether it is in advance of the upgrade, or if this component is done in conjunction with the upgrade to TRIO Web.

12. Have customers been involved in this decision?

Yes, Harris has created a Focus Group consisting of 10 TRIO customers to assist us in our project planning, validation and overall product rollout.